Computer Tongue

Computer Tongue – MADD STYLE ft General Levy

The long awaited first release from newborn label MADD STYLE, founded by Zed Bias (UK) and PART2STYLE (JP), is Computer Tongue ft. General Levy, due to be in stores now. This track was recorded when General Levy came to Japan on tour. The lyrics, written when General Levy was still in school – some of the first he had ever written – are complemented with PART2STYLE’s dark, bass-heavy dancehall riddim and reveal a new side of General Levy.
The accompanying video employs a Japanese film director ENDS OUT and was shot in Tokyo. The cover art is a one-stroke drawing by Japanese artist Gokubuto. On the B-side is a remix by Zed Bias – minimal, heavy and tough in the truest form of UKG. The release as a whole is a representation of MADD STYLE, a musical collaboration of UK and Japan.